Shawn & Erin – Seattle Area Photography

I love to find out how my clients meet. These two have a really fun story. They met on eHarmony and hit it off immediately. Well.. I will let Erin tell a little bit of their story:
“Once in a lifetime….
I fell for Shawn’s profile. His words were sincere and his smile in his pictures was kind. We didn’t spend much time emailing, which was fine. I wanted to meet him in person and only hoped that in person I would like him (and he would like me) as much as I had read. Luckily, our first date was fun and we felt comfortable together. Shawn is a man of his word and called a few days later to ask me out again. He gave me some options for our second date. One of the options was to be a bit crazy and venture off to Vancouver for the Olympics! It’s a once in a lifetime experience to be only a few hours away from an amazing event, so I selected the 2010 Olympic events for our second date! Here we were, two strangers off for a road trip.  We had an awesome second date and continue to have an amazing time together. We enjoy taking the time to learn more about the other and plan our dates around what each other like to do. We’ve even created “the list,” which is all of the things we want to do…. together. As our relationship grows, so will “the list,” and even though we may never make it to the end, it doesn’t really matter. It’s only once in a lifetime that you meet that special someone and fall so quickly for each other like we have.” – Erin
So Friday night, I met up with Erin & Shawn on Capitol Hill. We were totally expecting rain, so Erin rented a super cute umbrella to use just in case. But to our surprise, we ended up with a perfect evening! Doesn’t mean we didn’t still get that adorable umbrella in a few shots, though! 🙂

These two love birds have been one of the easiest shoots I’ve ever had. I really could have just followed them around with my camera, never giving them any direction at all. They had the sweetest candid moments, and I feel so lucky to have been able to capture some of those. So many moments, in fact, that I seriously could not decide which photos to show you… so you get to look at a whole bunch! 

You can just feel the love oozing out of these photos, can’t you?? 

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