Bonnie | Shorewood High School Senior

I have some of the most beautiful Senior’s this year!! I don’t know about you, but when I was a senior, I was definitely not this cute! And my sense of style was so ‘blah’. Senior girls these days have got it goin’ on. Seriously.
This is Bonnie! She’s just about the sweetest girl ever! I had to call her on the way to the session and let her know that I didn’t do my homework and was caught in ridiculous traffic due to the I-405N closure. She was so gracious and willing to meet me in Bellevue. So we had a quick change of location and decided on the Botanical Gardens. It worked out perfect! The afternoon gave us a little drizzle but nothing we couldn’t handle!
I love how this session is turning out! Bonnie is a natural beauty. Enjoy the sneak peak!

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