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Let me preface this by saying that this was one of the MOST fun I’ve ever had on a session. Nikki and I were good friends way back in middle school, and I’m so excited she won the giveaway! (my very 1st one back in may) It was so great to re-connect again.
So Friday night, we went down to Seattle to have our shoot. When she came to me with this idea I was SO excited! Seriously. A bride in red boots, in Seattle. Yes please. She’s working on something really super fun and so this was the perfect theme to go right along with her fun project. More on that later! Stay tuned!
I knew that she would be an amazing subject to shoot, but seriously??? This girl is was a complete natural. I didn’t have to give her really any direction at all. I took at the camera and she just came alive. Total model material, right?
As your scrolling down, yes that is a gross fish that she’s about to smooch. But that’s what made Nikki so much fun, she was so daring and willing to try anything. As we were wandering the Market downtown, she had a paparazzi following behind her. She was so photogenic, that the locals & tourists alike were just stopping to stare at her and even taking pictures of their own. Ha ha. Wish I had taken a photo of the groups of people gawking at how beautiful she looked.
After we left Pike Place, we headed down to Alki Beach… it was a perfect night for photo takin!

I took a couple hundred photos, and I could probably post them all because she really doesn’t take a bad photo. But I will leave you with that! I already posted way more then I intended to!

Stephanie & Justin have been married for 3 years and haven’t had their photo’s taken since their wedding! So happy that she WON the mini-session giveaway!

When I woke up in the morning I was actually kind of worried it might rain. But by the afternoon, it had completely cleared up and the sun was shining for us! So happy she suggested Alki Beach in Seattle for their photos because I haven’t been there in years!! It’s beautiful.

And aren’t these two gorgeous???

I’m pretty sure Stephanie was born to be in front of the camera. I couldn’t find one bad picture of this girl!

I have been working on this session some more – and I was just about to finish up for the night and saw this photo.

I love every single thing about it. It’s so simple and so natural.
I love the way she’s lightly touching his head, I love the sweet smile she has.
I love his little flyaway hairs, I love how he’s holding onto his Mommy!

Seriously my favorite!!

Oh how I adore newborns!! It wasn’t that long ago that Bennett was only 2 weeks old. But at least I got my teeny tiny baby fix from this little guy. How amazingly adorable is little Dawson? He was so alert the entire time I was there, we tried everything to get him to go to sleep. But ya know, I’m glad he didn’t because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten some of the sweet photos that we did. Aren’t his eyes beautiful?
Then, right at the very end of the session he just couldn’t fight it anymore… and he fell asleep. So precious. Thank you to his parents for introducing me to your little angel!