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I have been working on this session some more – and I was just about to finish up for the night and saw this photo.

I love every single thing about it. It’s so simple and so natural.
I love the way she’s lightly touching his head, I love the sweet smile she has.
I love his little flyaway hairs, I love how he’s holding onto his Mommy!

Seriously my favorite!!

Oh how I adore newborns!! It wasn’t that long ago that Bennett was only 2 weeks old. But at least I got my teeny tiny baby fix from this little guy. How amazingly adorable is little Dawson? He was so alert the entire time I was there, we tried everything to get him to go to sleep. But ya know, I’m glad he didn’t because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten some of the sweet photos that we did. Aren’t his eyes beautiful?
Then, right at the very end of the session he just couldn’t fight it anymore… and he fell asleep. So precious. Thank you to his parents for introducing me to your little angel!

Okay, how lucky am I to have gotten the opportunity to photograph this girl? We seriously had fun with this shoot. 45 minutes into the session it started hailing! Ah. But we decided to get creative so we headed down to the local library and continue with the shoot. The hail stopped soon after we got there so we hopped over to the trains to finish up the session.

Ashley is just beautiful and the camera absolutely loves her, wouldn’t you agree?

Baby Harley

This is my best friends baby girl. She is 2 weeks old today. Is she not the CUTEST!! Ahh.. I can’t get enough of her.