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Well, I don’t even know where to start with this family. First of all, they are just too cute, and so much fun! But what makes them so special to me, is that I have been following along with their adoption journey for a long time now. They’ve been waiting for such a long time, and to see their dreams come true, and be able to help capture it, is such an honor. They recently brought their daughter home from China, and I feel like these images tell such a story. They tell a story of a little girl who’s still very much getting to know her new family. But they also show such a tremendous amount of relief, love, and adoration. Watching them interact, and just all BE together finally — it was a privilege.

I adore you, Lincoln family!

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What a pleasure it’s been photographing this family over the past couple of years! The last time I saw them, Crystal was pregnant with her 3rd child. It’s been so fun watching their family grow, and meeting their daughter a few weeks ago. That’s one of my favorite parts of my job, is being there to witness and help capture the growth and progression of families. It’s truly such an honor.

This year, we went to the Seattle Public Library for our session, and I’m so impressed with how well all of these kiddos did while we were there. I mean, three kids ages 5 and under in a quiet library? That could have gone totally wrong, but they did so awesome. img_0010img_0008

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Things have been busy around here, but I’m not complaining! Popping in today to share another recent family session from this past weekend. I’m working overtime to try and get my client’s galleries to them as quick as possible, and in the process, I’m making sure to keep updating the blog! Woo hoo!